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Energy is contagious negative and positive alike

I was speaking to a client today who was feeling particularly down about the current state of things. She mentioned that she was feeling good earlier but suddenly felt low, lost and filled with an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. She kept asking herself when this #ukshutdown was going to be over.

We talked through her day unpicking events hour by hour. Then there it was. She had taken a call from a friend who by the end of it had drained all of her optimism, positivity and energy.

Her friend ended the call feeling great while she was saddled with nothing but negative energy.

With that awareness came the opportunity for change. She could choose to release the dense energy … well, because it was really hers.

At this time of anxiety and stress for some of us, it is important that we protect our energy. We must be mindful of what and who we allow around us. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t be there to support our loved ones, I’m saying make sure you are in a good place before exposing yourself to others who may cause a drain to your energy bank. Some people may send you lots of negative posts, imagery and so on. If you are ok with that then great, if not, use your power of choice and say something.

Sending you #positivevibes.

Jessica 💕🙌🏾🤗

Miracles happen everyday

We are staying at home, helping to do our bit in the bid to slow down the spread of the virus. It can feel like the world is a bad and scary place at the moment, I guess because that’s most of what we are seeing on the news.

Even amidst all of that heavy  and draining news is a lot that’s good in this world. There are so many people out there risking their lives, working on the front lines so that the majority of us don’t have to.

As we slow down and begin to connect deeply with ourselves, if we open up our eyes and ears we can discover little miracles all around us.

I invite you to stop, observe and capture those miracles that make your day that little bit brighter.

Sending you love.

Jessica 🥰☀️🤗

What do you say to yourself?

I was having a conversation with a client who has been working hard to move her work and home life forward in a way is that deliberate and purposeful. As she spoke about some of the things that stopped her from going all out for what she really wants in life, I was struck by how many negative or unhelpful things she told herself every single day. A certain level of self-doubt, self-limiting thoughts and feelings is normal, however having nothing at all good to say about herself seemed a little extreme.

According to the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at the University of Southern California, we have 70,000 thoughts on average every single day. That works out to be 48.6 thoughts per minute. That is a lot going on in our heads at any given moment. Now imagine a large percentage of that is us telling ourselves we will fail if we try, we will lose our pride if we fail, we will be laughed at, we will look like fools if things don’t go well. Is it any wonder why as human beings we spend our lives in our comfort zones, afraid to move forward and grab life with both hands, or try something that feels out of our reach?

We spend so much time championing and pushing others forward and towards their dreams. When things don’t go so well we support and tell them, “don’t worry, you will do it next time, just keep trying, I have faith in you!” So why can’t we seem to do the same for ourselves?

That voice that whispers in our ears, is a natural part of who we are. Some call it our inner critic, whatever name it has for you, it keeps us safe but small, it holds us back from living our true potential. With the right help and over time we can learn to turn it down. A more sustainable way is to consciously re-programme it – give it a new job, to champion us forward as we champion our loved ones. You control it, it’s doesn’t control you…. Easier said than done, I know but it is possible.

Have an amazing day, all. In the meantime, be careful what you say to yourself, because you are listening – 70,000 times a day!

Top 8 Qualities That Make a Powerful Leader

We are all leaders by choice or default

Whether we know it or not we are all leaders in our lives, we make choices and decisions that affect people in our professional and personal lives. As the head of a team, business or firm, a leader has a major impact on his or her people. Individuals entrain to the leader’s values, behaviour, and what they stand for. Here are the top 8 qualities of super effective leaders:

They are dynamic communicators

Effective leaders communicate in a way that is open and transparent using their body language, voice and words effectively. They meet their people where they are, tailoring key messages to them appropriately. Above all else, they tell the truth and through that build genuine trust. They are not afraid to face possible fall-out that may occur following difficult news. When things go well, they take time to acknowledge people’s contributions and celebrate success.

They are Authentic

Great leaders walk their talk, leading by example. They show their core values in everything that they do and inspire others to do the same. Authentic leaders generate a great following, increasing connection and respect within their teams and beyond. They become the example people use when describing a great leader.

They show strength in times of change or uncertainty

Let’s face it, there are massive challenges facing most firms these days and it can be very easy for a leader to feel overwhelmed. Great leaders acknowledge that a challenge exists before the rumour mill starts to create speculation and fear. They communicate a clear vision or strategy of how as an organisation, they will work together to navigate through the change, be it a major organisational restructure or change in business model.

They delegate responsibility but keep accountability

Any great leader understands that the “buck” stops with them. They run a tight ship and surround themselves with great people that are committed to the success of the business. Life happens, and when “the stuff really hits the fan” they look for the lessons and opportunities. They don’t point the finger at who or what they believe is to blame. They investigate and put robust plans in place to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself. Above all else, they remain accountable.

They Inspire people

The role of a leader is to lead, not to execute daily tactical tasks. Great leaders inspire others by being authentic, approachable, and trustworthy. They build relationships with their people and take a real interest in them. They do not hide in their offices, with a physically “opened door” that no body walks through. Leaders show love for their people by taking the time to learn about their major pain points and provide support where possible. They bring their people with them, metaphorically and literally.

They are solution focussed

Leaders who react quickly to a business environment that changes consistently do this because they are solution focused. Generally, leaders who focus on the problems only see the problems and waste a lot of time focusing on the thing that is broken. Effective leaders look to their people to quickly analyse what went wrong, derive the key learnings and move to creating solutions that will help them move on and grow through the experience.

They show it, not tell it

Dynamic leaders demonstrate their knowledge, intelligence, expertise and wisdom through their actions. They spend less time tooting their horn and more time connecting, educating, making decisions and creating results using their experience in a way that is sustainable.

They possess great emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is one of the key qualities super effective leaders possess. Truly conscious and self-aware leaders have done a lot of work to develop this trait. They are aware of their emotions at all times and understand how that might impact their behaviour. Crucially this awareness extends to being able to read the energy of others. This means they can interact with their people in a way that empowers them to take positive action.

Emotionally intelligent leaders have healthy egos, that come from a place of knowing and having. They have nothing to prove and so come across as being calm and relaxed. That said, they are not afraid to show vulnerability in appropriate situations. A leader in this space can be extremely powerful, and a rarity in the business world.

Bringing it all together

Powerful leaders are visibly present, care about their people on a sincere level and know their business extremely well. Their power is sustainable because it comes from genuine employee engagement and not from coercion. They communicate effectively and build deep connections, creating teams that will follow them anywhere and do whatever it takes to ensure that the firm’s vision for the present and indeed the future becomes a resounding success.

Practice Freedom

It’s almost the weekend. Time to focus on replenishing our energy and letting go of the stresses of the week. Instead, let’s take a minute to think about the top 3 things that we’ve achieved this week. In case you’re thinking the week hasn’t been all that productive, I ask you to think a little harder – they are there, you’ve just got to see them.

Remember, don’t just talk about the things you want to do this weekend, set the intention and go do them. Be free and fully present in the moment. A great friend once told me, “Now is all there is”, this is where we get to create who we really want to be. We can’t do much about the past and the future doesn’t exist yet. So be totally free in the moment and grab life by the proverbial horns.