Leadership Retreat in Ghana, Energy Leadership

Welcome to the gateway to unleashing the limitless leader within. This transformative experience will take place over a period of five days and six nights in Ghana. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain physical and geographical distance from everyday life. It’s time to invest in yourself. We will take care of everything from when you step into your retreat.

This is What You Came For - The Results

After having a beautifully transformational time in Ghana, you will:

  • Create a solid vision of the ideal version of yourself.
  • Up-level your leadership presence and build trust with others.
  • Discover a new found zest for leading yourself and others.
  • Develop a dynamic communication style that will empower you to show up authentically.
  • Become a fully conscious leader in your professional and personal life.
  • Create a mindset shift in how you manage your inner critic.


It is time to power down so that you can POWER UP and embrace the PHENOMENAL LEADER within!

The Location for Transformation

The retreat will be held at a private mansion, lovingly referred to in the local area as the Blue House. The Blue House is set against the backdrop of a beautiful fishing village. The views from the roof terrace with lush green countryside and sea views, creates the perfect space for reflection and fun times. We will have this venue completely to ourselves, so we can enjoy the freedoms that come with the privacy to be creative, to share, to be vulnerable, to be in community.

  • The Blue House is 2 hours away from the capital, Accra.
  • It offers seven bedrooms.
  • Three of the rooms offer sea views.
  • All socialising areas also enjoy sea views.
  • All rooms come complete with private bathrooms and full air conditioning.
  • We are within walking distance of a stunning local beach, in a quaint little fishing village called ‘Hope’, need I say more?

Who is your coach?

I am Jessica Rockson. I am a UK based Leadership Coach and Mentor Coach with over 15 years experience working as trusted advisor and consultant to global banking firms. Coaching is my passion and I love partnering with my clients to help them rediscover their leadership passion and true potential in a way that is conscious, enjoyable and sustainable. I hold a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the international Coaching Federation, so you can trust that you are in good hands. 

You may be asking yourself, 'Why me, why you, why Ghana, why now?' All very good questions.

The simple answer is, why not, and if not now, when?

As a woman, a leader, and everything that you describe yourself to be, it is time to power down, so you can power up and embrace the phenomenal leader within. It is my intention that you walk away from this magical time with more than just information. You will take away true transformation that sparks from your heart and the person that you truly are; there's no room for ‘the imposter’ here, she's no longer welcome. You are worth it! I look forward to meeting you soon.

Energetically yours,



How The Transformation Begins

  • Energy Leadership Index™ assessment (ELI) before the retreat. 
    • It's an attitudinal assessment, not a personality-based one, and it puts a numerical value to the types of energy a person experiences and expresses. The ELI is a Forbes featured top 3 recommended assessment for executives.
  • Conscious Leadership and Personal Leadership workshops.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions with Jessica Rockson, Founder and Lead Coach at Rocksteady Coaching.
  • A community of like-minded women who will come together in a sisterhood circle. The whole being greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Group walks along the beach.
  • Reflective practices, including meditation and journaling.
  • Rest relax and restore the truth about who you are and not who they say you are.
  • Experience what Ghana has to offer in terms of cultural experiences. Soak up the equatorial warmth.
  • Come together to prepare a most delicious dish synonymous with Ghana.

Allow Us To Take Care Of You

  • Prosecco reception when you arrive.
  • Freshly prepared Ghanaian dishes and snacks that will make your mouth water.
  • Non alcoholic drinks and fresh juice made from locally sourced fruits
  • Airport transfers to and from the venue.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • Private transportation to and from group outings and sightseeing at set times.
  • We cater for all dietary requirements.

The Bits You Need To Arrange

  • Visas and air flights to and from Ghana.
  • Travel insurance -
    This is mandatory to ensure that you have all the necessary cover in case of the unlikely happening.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Personal expenses

Who Is this Retreat For?

It has been a tough couple of years, and as the world begins to open up, it is time to reassess where we are, to figure out where we want to be and perhaps WHO we wish to be.


  • You are a leader who wants stronger leadership presence through building trust and a deeper connection with your team.
  • You wish to up-level your communication and conflict management at work (and possibly at home).
  • You wish to show up as your most authentic self, without apology.
  • You wish to quieten down that inner critic and banish the imposter syndrome that may be holding you back.
  •  You just wish to pause and reset in a beautiful location and connect with a group of phenomenal women in leadership.

What You Need To Know

For transparency, we aim to share everything you need to know as you plan your trip.

Please note the following points:

  • You require a visa to enter Ghana.
  • Ghana requires all travellers to be fully vaccinated before entering the country. Please check entry requirements from your country of departure.
  • To ensure that all guests feel comfortable and safe while together, our retreat will be run in a COVID safe environment. With that in mind, we require all our guests to be fully vaccinated. Please bring  a few Antigen / Lateral flow tests with you.

What will the schedule look like?

  • Our sessions will include a mix of deep inner work, group work, one to one, coaching and group outings so that you have the space to process, reflect and relax into the leader you are becoming.
  • Consciousness is at the very centre of our time together, so if you do not feel like taking part in any activity, please feel free to relax and re-join when you're ready.

Daily Schedule For The Retreat

Here’s a peek into your days on the retreat. We will provide you with the final run-down 4 weeks before you arrive.

  • 8am - 9am: Breakfast buffet of delicious pastries, locally sourced fruits, fresh juices and smoothies.
  • 9am - 1pm: Training and group coaching sessions on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.
  • 1pm - 2pm: Sumptuous 2 course Lunch at the Blue House.
  • 2pm - 6pm: A mixture of free time for rest and reflection and beach walks.
  • 7pm: 2 course dinner. We will send your taste buds into overdrive, “you go chop well well” loosely translated, you will eat well.
  • After dinner: Socialising on the roof terrace with city lights that create an ‘out of this world’ show in the distance.
  • Friday: Discover the natural beauty of Ghana with a day out to one of its heritage sites.
  • Sunday: Enjoy a group reflection and farewell BBQ in the garden.


Total Cost For Your Retreat

Prices in UK Pounds

  • £1,500 Per person - Emerald Room - Twin Share - (Sea view and Front Garden view)
  • £1,900 - Aquamarine Room - Single Occupancy - (Sea views and Front Garden view)
  • £1,900 - Peridot Room - Single Occupancy - (Garden view) 
  • £1,500 Per person - Garnet Room - Twin Share - (Private Balcony and Garden view)
  • £1,900 - Amethyst Room - Single Occupancy - (Garden view)
  • £1,900 - Pearl Room - Single Occupancy - (Sea view)
  • £2,500 - Diamond Room - Single Occupancy (Sea View) – SOLD OUT

Contact us here if you’d like to arrange to pay in 3 monthly instalments.


Bonuses To Sweeten The Pot

Prices in UK Pounds

♥  ELI Assessment and debrief with Jessica, post event to keep you on track with the work you are doing on yourself - worth £400

♥  Goodie bag packed with mementos from your retreat

♥  Private WhatsApp Group that will offer a safe space to keep us all connected before and after our time together at the Blue House



Retreat FAQ

You will enjoy your retreat in Ghana, West Africa.
Yes, you must secure a visa before entering Ghana. Please check the entry requirements to Ghana from your location.
No, the retreat does not cover your flights.
It is best to ensure that you are covered for all eventualities every time you travel and this is no exception. This way you can relax and enjoy your time in Ghana.
Please note that Ghana requires full Covid 19 vaccination at the border. To ensure that everyone feels safe within our community, we also require that you are vaccinated.
Click here to check the average weather for October.
The unit of currency of Ghana is the Ghanaian Cedi (pronounced si-diː or SEE-dee). The name of the currency is abbreviated to GHC or GHS. The currency sign is GH₵.
The simple answer is, it depends how much you like to shop. ;). You can withdraw money from ATMs in the city or set up mobile money which is the preferred mode of money transfer, so that you can transfer money from your account to your mobile wallet. You can then withdraw money from any one of the thousands of mobile money vendors all around Ghana, even in remote locations.