At Rocksteady Coaching we believe that the key to the success of a business lies within the leadership and nurturing of its people. Our vision is to develop conscious leaders across the globe, one organisation at a time. 


Our mission is to offer bespoke executive coaching to individuals and groups in leadership roles. Executive / Leadership coaching unlocks the full potential for leadership excellence. Through a powerful partnership with our experienced Certified Professional Coaches, our clients raise their leadership consciousness, confidence and emotional intelligence to become highly effective and inspiring leaders within their organisations. This has a positive impact on the bottom line by creating highly engaged and productive teams. 


We partner with corporations to unlock the full potential of their leaders, helping them navigate complexities, inspire their teams, and achieve sustainable growth. With a focus on leadership excellence, we empower corporations to thrive in an ever-changing world.


Key Differentiators

  • Certified Executive Coaches (UK, Africa and USA based)
  • Holistic approach to coaching that transforms senior executives into Conscious Leaders
  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioners – A Forbes Magazine Featured Executive Assessment Tool
  • International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed training for all of our Coaches (Global Standard)
  • A rewarding experience that transcends conventional coaching, resulting in lasting change
  • Commitment to providing a genuine service built on a foundation of strong professional coaching ethics

For women in leadership positions, we are your dedicated ally on the path to success. We recognise the distinctive journey women leaders undertake and offer tailored coaching solutions to empower you. Our goal is to help you embrace leadership with confidence, overcome obstacles, and shatter glass ceilings. Through personalised coaching, we focus on enhancing your personal leadership and self-care skills first. We then turn our focus to  building powerful connections with your team, and achieving work-life balance. We are passionate about nurturing women leaders who inspire and make a lasting impact in their organisations and industries.

For the aspiring female leaders who dream of taking the helm, we are your trusted partner. We are committed to helping you turn your aspirations into reality. Our coaching programmes for aspiring leaders are designed to equip you with the skills, mindset, and strategies you need to excel in leadership roles. We focus on enhancing your personal leadership and self-care skills first. We believe that every aspiring leader possesses unique talents, and our mission is to help you harness your potential and chart a course for success. With Rocksteady Coaching, your leadership journey begins with a solid foundation, setting you on a path toward extraordinary achievement.

Female entrepreneurs, your entrepreneurial spirit inspires us. We are here to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. We understand the challenges and opportunities that come with building your own business. Our coaching for female entrepreneurs is tailored to help you navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship, from business strategy and growth to leadership and work-life balance. We empower you to build and lead your ventures with confidence, resilience, and a sense of purpose. Together, let’s turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a sustainable and successful one.

Coach Jessica Rockson wearing a fushia blouse leaning against a window
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