Welcome to the gateway to unleashing the limitless leader within. This transformative experience will take place over a period of six days and five nights in Ghana. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain physical and geographical distance from everyday life. It’s time to invest in yourself. We will take care of everything from when you step into your retreat.

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It is time to power down so that you can POWER UP and embrace the PHENOMENAL LEADER within!

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Here is what is waiting for you!


Who is this Retreat for?

It has been a ‘long few years’, it’s time to start taking charge of the direction of your life and career. It is time to re-assess where you are, to figure out where you want to be and perhaps WHO you wish to be. So that you become fully equipped to create a phenomenal 2024, where you are the director of your life.



🚀 You are a female leader, aspiring leader or entrepreneur who wants stronger leadership presence through building trust and a deeper connection with yourself and your team.

🚀 You want to embrace personal leadership, enhance your emotional intelligence, and tap into your ‘core energy leadership’ to create a fulfilling life and career.

🚀 You wish to experience deep inner work that results in personal transformation in a supportive and nurturing environment.

🚀 You wish to up-level your communication at work (and possibly at home) to carry influence and connection with those around you.

🚀 You wish to show up as your most authentic self, without apology, so that you exude a confidence that comes from within.

🚀 You wish to quieten down that inner critic and banish the imposter syndrome that may be holding you back from standing in your fullest potential.

🚀 You just wish to pause and reset in a beautiful location and connect with a group of other phenomenal women.

Who is your coach label

I am Jessica Rockson, a UK based Leadership Coach and Mentor Coach with over 15 years experience working as trusted advisor and consultant to global banking firms. Coaching is my passion and I love partnering with my clients to help them rediscover their leadership passion and true potential in a way that is conscious, enjoyable and sustainable. I hold a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the international Coaching Federation, so you can trust that you are in good hands. 



You may be asking yourself, ‘Why me, why you, why Ghana, why now?’ All very good questions.


The simple answer is, why not, and if not now, when?


As a woman, a leader, and everything that you describe yourself to be, it is time to power down, so you can power up and embrace the phenomenal leader within. It is my intention that you walk away from this magical time with more than just information. You will take away true transformation that sparks from your heart and the person that you truly are; there’s no room for ‘the imposter’ here, she’s no longer welcome. You are worth it! I look forward to meeting you soon.

Energetically yours,



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